How Many Laps Is 800 Meters Swimming?

If you’re a competitive swimmer, you probably know that the 800 meter event is one of the longest races you can swim in a meet. But how many laps is that, exactly? We’ve got the answer.

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800 meters is four laps around an Olympic-sized pool. If you’re swimming in a smaller pool, you may have to swim five or even six laps.

The History of the 800 Meter Swim

The history of the 800 meter swim is a bit controversial. Some say that it originated in England, while others claim that it started in France. Regardless of its origins, the 800 meter swim has been around for centuries and is one of the most iconic swimming events.

The 800 meter swim was first contested at the Olympics in 1896. The event has been held at every Olympic Games since then, with the exception of 1904 and 1928. The women’s 800 meter swim was not added to the Olympic program until 1960.

The world record for the men’s 800 meter swim is held by Australian great Ian Thorpe, who swam a time of 7:39.16 in 2001. The women’s world record is held by American Katie Ledecky, who swam a time of 8:11.00 in 2016.

The Current Record for the 800 Meter Swim

The current world record for the 800 meter swim is held by German swimmer Lieselotte Neumann, who swam the distance in 8 minutes and 13 seconds. That time was set in 1988 at the Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea.

How Many Laps Is 800 Meters Swimming?

How many laps is 800 meters swimming? This is a question that often confuses people, as 800 meters is not a standard distance in swimming. In fact, 800 meters is only swum in one competition – the Olympic Games.

So, how many laps is 800 meters swimming? The answer is 8 laps. This may seem like a lot, but remember that an Olympic-sized pool is 50 meters long, so you will only be swimming 16 lengths of the pool.

If you are training for the 800 meter event, or just want to swim 800 meters for fitness, then make sure you warm up properly and stretch before starting your swim. And when you’re finished, make sure you cool down and drink plenty of fluids to replace those lost during your swim.


Based on the information we’ve gathered, it looks like swimming 800 meters is approximately 16 laps in a standard 25-meter pool. Of course, this can vary depending on the size of the pool and your own swimming speed, so it’s always best to check with your pool before you start swimming laps.

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