What is ISR Swimming?

ISR Swimming is a unique and life-saving swim instruction program that teaches infants, toddlers, and children to survive in the water.

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What is ISR Swimming?

ISR Swimming is a method of teaching swimming that has been around since the 1970s. It is based on the premise that every child, regardless of age, size or ability, can be taught to swim safely. ISR stands for Infant Self Rescue and the method is based on the philosophy that every child has the instinct and ability to save themselves if they find themselves in water.

What are the benefits of ISR Swimming?

There are many benefits of ISR Swimming, including:

– improved swimming skills
– increased confidence in the water
– increased fitness levels
– improved safety around water

What is the difference between ISR Swimming and traditional swimming lessons?

ISR Swimming is a type of swimming instruction that focuses on teaching self-rescue skills to children. ISR stands for Infant Self-Rescue, and the program is designed to give children the skills they need to survive if they find themselves in a body of water.

ISR Swimming is different from traditional swimming lessons in a few key ways. First, ISR Swimming emphasizes survival skills over stroke development. While traditional swim lessons may teach basic strokes, they typically do not focus on teaching self-rescue skills.

Second, ISR Swimming classes are typically shorter than traditional swim lessons. This is because the focus is on teaching self-rescue skills, rather than stroke development.

Third, ISR Swimming classes are taught by certified instructors who have completed special training in teaching self-rescue skills to children. This training ensures that your child will be receiving high-quality instruction from an experienced instructor.

If you are looking for a type of swimming instruction that focuses on teaching self-rescue skills to children, then ISR Swimming may be right for you. To find a certified ISR instructor near you, visit the ISR website today.

How to get started with ISR Swimming?

ISR Swimming is a type of swimming that is specifically designed for infants and young children. It is a great way to get your child started with swimming and can help them develop a love for the water. ISR Swimming is a great way to bond with your child and can also be a great workout for you as well.

How to find an ISR Swimming instructor?

The International Swimming & Aquatic Rescue (ISR) Self-Rescue™ program has over 300 certified instructors worldwide.

To find an ISR Swimming instructor near you, please visit our website and enter your zip code in the “Find an Instructor” search bar.

What is the cost of ISR Swimming lessons?

The cost of ISR Swimming lessons will depend on the location of the lessons, as well as the number of lessons that you sign up for. group discounts may be available. Contact your local ISR Swimming instructor for more information.

ISR Swimming Resources

ISR Swimming is a process that uses a series of signals to transmit data over a communication channel. It is a form of digital communication that uses a sequence of discrete steps to encode and decode information. ISR Swimming is a very efficient way to transmit data, and it is used in many different applications.

ISR Swimming Videos

ISR Swimming offers a variety of swimming resources, including videos, to help you learn more about our program. ISR Swimming Videos provide an overview of our program, as well as tips on how to be a safer swimmer.

ISR Swimming Books

The following books are recommended for those interested in learning more about ISR Swimming:

-Infant Survival Swimming by Virginia Hunt Newman
-The philosophy and science behind infant swimming instruction by Harvey Barnett and Virginia Hunt Newman
-Drownproofing by Monty Lindsley

These books can be found online and in many bookstores.

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