Where to Go Swimming in the Summer

Looking for a place to take a dip this summer? Check out our list of the best places to go swimming in the summer. From natural swimming holes to man-made pools, there’s something for everyone.

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Indoor Pools


The YMCA, or Young Men’s Christian Association, is a worldwide organization that caters to the physical, spiritual and social needs of its members. In many cases, the YMCA also offers swimming lessons and pool access to the public.

The YMCA has been around for over 160 years and today boasts over 2,700 locations in the United States alone. Most Ys offer an indoor pool, making them a great place to beat the heat during summertime. To find a Y near you with an indoor pool, simply use the “find a location” tool on their website.

City Pools

Swimming is a great exercise and a fun way to cool off in the summer heat. But not everyone has access to a private pool. Luckily, many cities have public pools that are open to the public.Here is a list of some of the best public pools in the country:

-Central Park in New York City: This world-famous park has a heated pool that is open to the public from June to September.
-The Quarry in Minneapolis: This historic pool was once a limestone quarry. It is now a beautiful, secluded spot for swimming and sunbathing.
-Hillsborough Pool in San Francisco: This Olympic-sized pool is open to the public from May to September.
-Crystal Pool in Seattle: This large, outdoor pool is open to the public from June to August.
-Independent Park Pool in Philadelphia: This newly renovated pool is open to the public from June to September.

Outdoor Pools

Outdoor pools are a great way to cool off in the summer heat. There are many different types of outdoor pools, from public pools to private pools. Public pools are usually located at parks or recreation centers, while private pools can be found at hotels, resorts, or in people’s backyards.

Community Pools

Community pools are typically owned and operated by local municipalities, and they offer affordable membership rates for residents. Membership typically grants you access to the pool during open swim hours, as well as access to other amenities like locker rooms and showers. Many community pools also offer programming like swimming lessons, water aerobics, and more.

To find a community pool near you, check your local parks and recreation department website or give them a call.

Water Parks

Like the name suggests, water parks are designed for one purpose – fun! These parks are chock-full of wet and wild attractions like slides, wave pools and lazy rivers. They’re the perfect place to take the kids for a day of splashtacular fun. And when you’re ready to take a break from the action, you can relax on a beach chair or in a cabana. Some water parks even have restaurants and shopping areas.

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